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Audi A3 8V S3 Bremssättel VA Front Brake Calipers 8V0615123F / 8V0615124F / 5G0615125A / 5G0615126A / 8V0698221B

Brakes » Calipers » Audi

Discount: 64 %
Price(incl. VAT):
Net: 462.18 EUR
got questions about availibility?
Product brake calipers + brake carrier / L + R /
Part number 8V0 615 123 F / 8V0 615 124 F / 5G0 615 125 A / 5G0 615 126 A / 8V0 698 221 B
Car model A3 8V S3
Placement on Car front
Producer Audi Genuine Parts
Condition used, brake very well, protection caps ok.
Brake discs Ø340x30mm
Brake pads (8V0698151C)
If you are not sure this will fit your car then please email us your VIN(Vehicle Identification Number)


We recommend:

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Delivery and payment EUR
DE-Germany, AU-Austria, BE-Belgium, CZ-Czech Republic, DK-Denmark,
EE-Estonia, FR-France(continent), NL-Netherlands, HU-Hungary, LI-Lichtenstein,
LT-Lithuania, LU-Luxembourg, LV-Latvia, SK-Slovakia, SE-Sweden, PL-Poland
19 EUR
BG-Bulgaria, IT-Italy, IRL-Ireland, RO-Romania, SM-San Marino, SI-Slovenia,
UK-Great Britain
29 EUR
FI-Finland, ES-Spain(continent), PT-Portugal(continent), GR-Greece 40 EUR
CH-Switzerland(with customs clearance 25EUR) 54 EUR
NO-Norway(with customs clearance 25EUR) 70 EUR
Other(USA, China, Russia etc.) - shipping starting at 40EUR please ask